Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mary Boone Always Booming

Right: Trio of Richard Tuttles.

Left: Mary Heilman in front of Malcolm Morley painting "Goalie".

On Saturday Sept. 12, downtown Mary Boone featured a group show, titled in honor of one of her gallerists Ron Warren . The show was a celebration of her venerable 80's artists--Peter Halley, Julian Schnabel, etc--, as well as her more recent stable of artists--Luis Gispert, Hillary Harkness, Chie Fueki. The opening was sprinkled with appearances by Hillary Harkness, Barbara Kruger, and Francesco Clemente.
Mary Heilman
, wearing a backpack that looked just like one of her paintings, requested to pose "in front of my friend Malcolm [Morley]", and MB artist Chie Fueki showed off her black and white and read all over ensemble.

Right: Mary Boone artist Chie Fueki.

Left: Baby posing thoughtfully in front of Barbara Kruger's "Untitled" (All Seeing/All Knowing).

Below: Pink-coiffed dog.

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