Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miami Fashion We Can Enjoy While Surviving the Blizzard of '09

Left: "Paradise" by Jack Pierson, at MOCA, Miami.

The first night of Miami was the perfect way to slap a bit of Miami fashion into any warmth-deprived New Yorker. At MOCA, a reception sponsored by Vanity Fair had all the platform stilettos sinking into the earth of the Museum courtyard, but no one cared, as the women still towered over the men, and everyone lined up for the free booze. Weird combination Smurfette-ballerinas posed and pranced, and promoted the gin du jour.

Right: Smurf-arina.

Calvin Klein was sighted, and a well-coordinated couple posed amiably. Some "ladies" really know how to accessorize...(left).

Spiderella made an appearance (right), and of course requisite shoe fetishists could not be disappointed--the woman below left was ensconced in skintight shiny spandex leggings (are there any other kind?) and an equal length of platform shoe.

A bit more New York-Carrie Bradshaw was on display at one of the numerous parties held at the hotels on the ocean. Miraculously the pink graffitti Louis Vuittons below were not forced to endure any unpleasant sand, as they VIP'd their way into the bar area.

Matching couple at the Pulse fair below:

And, in a segment I have been dying to start, the "What Not To Wear" section: I photographed this anonymous couple browsing at Art Miami from the back, in order to hide the fanny packs. Hawaiian shirt--check. White socks, brown sandals--check. Matching couple--check. Perhaps this segment should be renamed: "How Not to Match".

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