Thursday, September 30, 2010

Opening Pix of Asya Geisberg Gallery

"Angelina Gualdoni: Shadows Slipping" opened last week, and I have finally sat down long enough to post some opening night pix.

The images below were photographed by an assembly of "Asya Says" devotees, as Asya herself was distracted by "Saying" plenty in person.

Left: View onto 23rd street.

Right: The calm before the storm!

Warm weather and a smashing reception made for a great opening, followed by a lovely after-party or two.

I am so grateful for everyone's support and warm wishes!

And if I didn't have the opportunity to speak with you, my was quite the turnout!

Left: Michele, Asya, and Diana.

Right: Pre-opening preparations...

Right: Angelina Gualdoni.

Left: Jerry Saltz perusing "Porosity".

I had to include at least one obligatory shoe/fashion shot, photographed on my behalf, so that the ethos of "Asya Says" endures.

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