Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Around Christmas, a charming gent interviewed me for journalistic purposes, and lo and behold as the New Year arrived I found that Newsweek International published a feature, "New Galleries Heat Up Art Market", featuring Asya Geisberg Gallery, the ladies originally from Deitch currently involved in the Hole, and a new space called fordProject, all new NYC spaces.

Excerpt below, click on link to read full article. And whether you are traveling through Istanbul, Irkutsk, or Ougadougou, pick up the print issue!

By Sameer Reddy, January 2, 2011

...Several significant new gallery spaces have begun to open their doors in Manhattan. And with the freedom that comes from reinventing the system, they are pursuing unconventional curatorial programs and, in some cases, setting up shop in unexpected places. ...The shift encouraged Asya Geisberg to open her own eponymous ground-floor gallery on West 23rd Street, in a space formerly occupied by Goff + Rosenthal. Four of the five artists on Geisberg's evolving roster happen to be women, and she's conscious of the role she can fulfill in creating a more level playing field. "It's not something that I consider an overt mission, but I'm very happy that by definition there are more women artists out there that people can see and buy," she says. "[Women's artwork] doesn't need to be more interesting than [men's], but why shouldn't it be valued as much? I'd like to do whatever I can to eliminate any kind of bias that might be latent, but still exists." Geisberg is also trying to inaugurate a series of artist talks-the kind of opportunity typically available only to insiders who arrange for a studio visit.

Click here to read the full article.