Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jerry Saltz: "Go Yankees!"

On Thursday, X Initiative hosted New York art critic Jerry Saltz signing his new volume of reviews, "Seeing Out Louder". A long line of well-wishers queued patiently, while some disappointed fans scoured empty boxes on the floor for stray copies. So popular was Jerry, that those without a copy left their credit card information haphazardly, with instructions for Jerry to inscribe his undying interest in them, and watched as said invoices went straight into a pet-carrier. Ah, the mysteries of publishing!

Right: Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith.

Coming off the heels of being crowned Best Art Critic at Rob Pruitt's dubiously ironic Art Awards, Jerry heartily expressed his glee at his own "opening", and ended his brief speech (thankfully, no teary thanking of God, agent, make-up artist, etc...) with a very Jerry-esque "Go Yankees!" Such brevity and enthusiasm typifies his writing; Jerry loves art, loves to democratize and enlighten, and bring our little art world the same rah-rah as a World Series.

Go Jerry!

Left: Jerry Saltz wine.